01 JUNE, 2023


To support this, we actively communicate our company plans and future prospects, enabling employees to envision their growth within our expanding business ventures.

In the heart of Clark, Pampanga, Hann Philippines, Inc. (HPI) has emerged as a pioneer in the integrated resort industry. The company has quickly established itself as one of the fastest-growing developers in the country’s hospitality and gaming sectors, just a year after the successful launch of its flagship property, the Hann Casino Resort.

As the first and only integrated resort in the area, Hann Casino Resort has set its sights on becoming an employer of choice, fostering a work environment that values Integrity, Passion, Ownership, Innovation, and Teamwork. The workforce which includes Hann Corporate, Hann Casino, Swissotel Clark, Clark Marriott, and Widus Clark has grown to about 3,000 which paved the way for the recognition of Top Employment Performance from the Clark Development Corporation (CDC)

We sat down with the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources of our Corporate office, Ms. Ana Christi G. Galura, to find out more about the human capital of Hann from hiring to retention strategies, culture, learning & development!



We want to attract and retain talents with the capabilities, character, and commitment too. There is no one size fits all, thus, we maintain regular and ongoing communication with department heads to understand their staffing needs. We fulfill those requirements by providing advice and support throughout the hiring process.

Additionally, we also prioritize employer branding efforts through our social media platforms, ensuring that both prospective and current employees are aware of the range of career opportunities, learning programs, and engagement activities available to them at Hann. This ensures that applicants and employees are kept updated about the initiatives of the Company for their well-being.

We also offer competitive remuneration and benefits that are aligned to industry standards. Our philosophy is not so much anchored on being the industry leader in this regard, but we offer stability and countless opportunities for career growth. Given the size and diversity of our business portfolio, our employees can choose to learn and relearn new skills and competencies for them to explore different paths as they mature in their roles.



At Hann, we firmly believe in an open-door policy within the HR department, and our employees can vouch for it. I am readily accessible on-site, via mobile phone, and even my social media accounts, welcoming their messages and comments. Each month, we hold Town Hall Meetings where employees have the opportunity to raise any concerns or questions they may have. We prioritize transparency and honesty in our responses, even if it means delivering a negative answer. However, we ensure that these interactions become engaging and open dialogues by providing explanations for our decisions. While we may not always see eye to eye or share the same perspectives, we foster an environment where we can respectfully agree to disagree and gain a deeper understanding of each other’s viewpoints.

By doing so, we cultivate a culture that is respectful of different perspectives and backgrounds. We also build trust, which is essential in all organizations.

We also recognize our responsibility to develop the individual as a whole person. One way of doing so is by supporting the mental well-being of our colleagues through discussions on mental health with expert guest speakers. In recognition of the spiritual and emotional aspects of our employees’ lives, we also organize Thanksgiving masses and celebrate personal and company milestones with appreciation posts and tokens. Furthermore, we promote physical health through sports events and games throughout the year. Additionally, we encourage artistic expression and talent through regular contests. To nurture intellectual development, we provide a variety of learning and development opportunities, including virtual and onsite training sessions, as well as monthly e-learning programs.

By addressing various dimensions of well-being, we strive to create a holistic environment that supports the overall growth and fulfillment of each individual. That’s why we offer a diverse range of activities that cater to different facets of personal growth.



We prioritize the professional development of our employees by offering a wide range of training opportunities. Through our internal training programs, we equip our employees with essential skills and knowledge in areas such as customer service, casino compliance, and self mastery, and leadership. These internal trainings ensure that our employees have a strong foundation in key areas relevant to their roles.

Additionally, we also encourage our employees to further enhance their expertise by availing of external training programs that are tailored to their specific areas of interest and specialization. We partner with different training consultants and providers as a way of bringing in fresh insights, business updates, and subject-matter experts.

By providing both internal and external training options, we empower our employees to continuously learn and grow in their respective field and as individuals.



The clarity of the Company’s vision and its business stability are important in retaining top talent. Our focus is on retaining individuals who are the right fit for the company culture and ensuring their alignment with the direction we aspire to achieve. To support this, we actively communicate our company plans and future prospects, enabling employees to envision their growth within our expanding business ventures. We encourage those who genuinely desire to progress and are willing to invest their efforts to seize these opportunities.

Moreover, we take pride in positioning ourselves as one of the premier employers outside of Metro Manila. We offer talents from Pampanga and neighboring provinces the chance to cultivate a stable and thriving career within an esteemed organization without the need to relocate to the fast-paced environment of the National Capital Region (NCR). Notably, individuals from Metro Manila who seek a more serene lifestyle away from the metropolitan area have also recognized the tremendous potential of working with Hann Resorts.



We strongly uphold the values of diversity, equality, and inclusivity (DEI). We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination based on factors such as sex, religion, culture, or any other personal inclinations. Our hiring and retention practices are solely focused on assessing individuals based on their character, competence, and commitment.

While it is not always possible to achieve 100% attendance for our activities due to operational constraints, we also make it a priority to ensure representation from all departments. This inclusive approach enables employees from diverse backgrounds, departments, and interests to come together, fostering an environment of mutual respect, active listening, and valuable learning opportunities.



While buzzwords like Quiet Quitting, Well-being, and DEI dominate HR discussions, our focus remains on Purpose. International surveys reveal that today’s workforce values purpose. Employees are more likely to stay with an employer whose purpose aligns with their own and where their contributions are recognized.

Here at Hann, we aim to help employees discover their purpose in their careers and personal lives, allowing them to assess if their goals align with our vision. This is achieved through ongoing dialogue and coaching, not limited to HR but embraced by all Hann managers. By investing in our people’s professional lives, fostering positive working relationships, and cultivating lasting personal friendships, we find purpose in being effective people managers.

While we cannot generalize individual needs and expectations, we can be certain that the fundamental needs for safety in various aspects, such as financial, physical, and psychological, as well as the desire for genuine relationships, will always be present.

Though the forms may evolve, the essence remains unchanged. Therefore, we proactively prepare, adapt, and respond by fostering open communication and cultivating authentic connections. As Hann embarks on its journey, the HR department plays a crucial role in laying a strong foundation by genuinely caring for our employees.

As Hann Resorts continues to grow and diversify, our dedication to being an employer of choice sets a benchmark for other organizations in the integrated resort industry. Through our strategies and initiatives, Hann Casino Resort demonstrates that investing in employees and cultivating a positive work culture leads to long-term success just as it had done in its transition from Widus to Hann. As the company prepares for the future, it remains committed to adapting and evolving to meet the changing needs of its workforce.



Our AVP for Human Resources, Christi, has always been a family person. The youngest of ten children, she is now a mother to her own brood of three. Her commitment to staying close to her family ultimately led her to explore opportunities that brought her to Hann Resorts.

Prior to joining Hann, Christi was a student of the Communication Arts and her career journey has been diverse, spanning across various industries from Administration to Broadcasting, Airport and Aviation, and currently in HR. Her path was not predetermined, but her passion for Customer Service and connecting with people guided her choices, including her belief that character and commitment determine success, not technical know-how.

One of Christi’s most challenging experiences at Hann Casino Resort was during the pre-opening phase when the HR team faced the unique hurdle of opening a casino without any pre-opening experience. However, with guidance from a mentor who advised her to create a checklist if one didn’t exist, she took the initiative and developed a comprehensive plan. The pride she feels is immeasurable as she reflects on the achievements that followed. With a dedicated HR team of 10 employees, they successfully brought Hann Casino Resort to life during its grand opening, a testament to their hard work and dedication.

During her tenure at Hann, Christi has gained invaluable insights into the integrated resort industry and had the privilege of working alongside Mr. Dae Sik Han and an exceptional team. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge and contributing to the continued success of Hann Resorts as the company grows and ventures into other fields.She also looks forward to contributing to the HR profession and nation-building through the employment and development opportunities we provide.

As a leader, Christi firmly believes in the inherent trustworthiness and capabilities of people, unless proven otherwise. Her approach is democratic and consultative, fostering open dialogues and discussions. At the same time, she upholds strict adherence to policies and deliverables as a sign of Integrity, placing importance on autonomy and transparency within her team. She expects exceptional performance from her team members for the benefit of internal and external stakeholders so that ultimately Hann becomes the ultimate luxury leisure destination.