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In the heart of Clark, Pampanga, Hann Philippines, Inc. (HPI) has emerged as a pioneer in the integrated resort industry. The company has quickly established itself as one of the fastest-growing developers in the country’s hospitality and gaming sectors, just a year after the successful launch of its flagship property, the Hann Casino Resort. As the first and only integrated resort in the area, Hann Casino Resort has set its sights on becoming an employer of choice, fostering a work environment that values Integrity, Passion, Ownership, Innovation, and Teamwork. The workforce which includes Hann Corporate, Hann Casino, Swissotel Clark, Clark Marriott, and Widus Clark has grown to about 3,000 which paved the way for the recognition of Top Employment Performance from the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) We sat down with the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources of our Corporate office, Ms. Ana Christi G. Galura, to find out more about the human capital of Hann from hiring to retention strategies, culture, learning & development!   TALENT ACQUISITION PRACTICES We want to attract and retain talents with the capabilities, character, and commitment too. There is no one size fits all, thus, we maintain regular and ongoing communication with department heads to understand their staffing needs. We fulfill those requirements by providing advice and support throughout the hiring process. Additionally, we also prioritize employer branding efforts through our social media platforms, ensuring that both prospective and current employees are aware of the range of career opportunities, learning programs, and engagement activities available to them at Hann. This ensures that applicants and employees are kept updated about the initiatives of the Company for their well-being. We also offer competitive remuneration and benefits that are aligned to industry standards. Our philosophy is not so much anchored on being the industry leader in this regard, but we offer stability and countless opportunities for career growth. Given the size and diversity of our business portfolio, our employees can choose to learn and relearn new skills and competencies for them to explore different paths as they mature in their roles.   COMPANY CULTURE AND EMPLOYEE RELATIONS At Hann, we firmly believe in an open-door policy within the HR department, and our employees can vouch for it. I am readily accessible on-site, via mobile phone, and even my social media accounts, welcoming their messages and comments. Each month, we hold Town Hall Meetings where employees have the opportunity to raise any concerns or questions they may have. We prioritize transparency and honesty in our responses, even if it means delivering a negative answer. However, we ensure that these interactions become engaging and open dialogues by providing explanations for our decisions. While we may not always see eye to eye or share the same perspectives, we foster an environment where we can respectfully agree to disagree and gain a deeper understanding of each other’s viewpoints. By doing so, we cultivate a culture that is respectful of different perspectives and backgrounds. We also build trust, which is essential in all organizations. We also recognize our responsibility to develop the individual as a whole person. One way of doing so is by supporting the mental well-being of our colleagues through discussions on mental health with expert guest speakers. In recognition of the spiritual and emotional aspects of our employees’ lives, we also organize Thanksgiving masses and celebrate personal and company milestones with appreciation posts and tokens. Furthermore, we promote physical health through sports events and games throughout the year. Additionally, we encourage artistic expression and talent through regular contests. To nurture intellectual development, we provide a variety of learning and development opportunities, including virtual and onsite training sessions, as well as monthly e-learning programs. By addressing various dimensions of well-being, we strive to create a holistic environment that supports the overall growth and fulfillment of each individual. That’s why we offer a diverse range of activities that cater to different facets of personal growth.   LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT We prioritize the professional development of our employees by offering a wide range of training opportunities. Through our internal training programs, we equip our employees with essential skills and knowledge in areas such as customer service, casino compliance, and self mastery, and leadership. These internal trainings ensure that our employees have a strong foundation in key areas relevant to their roles. Additionally, we also encourage our employees to further enhance their expertise by availing of external training programs that are tailored to their specific areas of interest and specialization. We partner with different training consultants and providers as a way of bringing in fresh insights, business updates, and subject-matter experts. By providing both internal and external training options, we empower our employees to continuously learn and grow in their respective field and as individuals.   RETENTION STRATEGIES The clarity of the Company’s vision and its business stability are important in retaining top talent. Our focus is on retaining individuals who are the right fit for the company culture and ensuring their alignment with the direction we aspire to achieve. To support this, we actively communicate our company plans and future prospects, enabling employees to envision their growth within our expanding business ventures. We encourage those who genuinely desire to progress and are willing to invest their efforts to seize these opportunities. Moreover, we take pride in positioning ourselves as one of the premier employers outside of Metro Manila. We offer talents from Pampanga and neighboring provinces the chance to cultivate a stable and thriving career within an esteemed organization without the need to relocate to the fast-paced environment of the National Capital Region (NCR). Notably, individuals from Metro Manila who seek a more serene lifestyle away from the metropolitan area have also recognized the tremendous potential of working with Hann Resorts.   DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION We strongly uphold the values of diversity, equality, and inclusivity (DEI). We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination based on factors such as sex, religion, culture, or any other personal inclinations. Our hiring and retention practices are solely focused on assessing individuals based on their character, competence, and commitment. While it is not always possible to achieve 100% attendance for our activities due to operational constraints, we also make it a priority to ensure representation from all departments. This inclusive approach enables employees from diverse backgrounds, departments, and interests to come together, fostering an environment of mutual respect, active listening, and valuable learning opportunities.   THE PRESENT AND FUTURE OF HANN While buzzwords like Quiet Quitting, Well-being, and DEI dominate HR discussions, our focus remains on Purpose. International surveys reveal that today’s workforce values purpose. Employees are more likely to stay with an employer whose purpose aligns with their own and where their contributions are recognized. Here at Hann, we aim to help employees discover their purpose in their careers and personal lives, allowing them to assess if their goals align with our vision. This is achieved through ongoing dialogue and coaching, not limited to HR but embraced by all Hann managers. By investing in our people’s professional lives, fostering positive working relationships, and cultivating lasting personal friendships, we find purpose in being effective people managers. While we cannot generalize individual needs and expectations, we can be certain that the fundamental needs for safety in various aspects, such as financial, physical, and psychological, as well as the desire for genuine relationships, will always be present. Though the forms may evolve, the essence remains unchanged. Therefore, we proactively prepare, adapt, and respond by fostering open communication and cultivating authentic connections. As Hann embarks on its journey, the HR department plays a crucial role in laying a strong foundation by genuinely caring for our employees. As Hann Resorts continues to grow and diversify, our dedication to being an employer of choice sets a benchmark for other organizations in the integrated resort industry. Through our strategies and initiatives, Hann Casino Resort demonstrates that investing in employees and cultivating a positive work culture leads to long-term success just as it had done in its transition from Widus to Hann. As the company prepares for the future, it remains committed to adapting and evolving to meet the changing needs of its workforce.   ABOUT CHRISTI Our AVP for Human Resources, Christi, has always been a family person. The youngest of ten children, she is now a mother to her own brood of three. Her commitment to staying close to her family ultimately led her to explore opportunities that brought her to Hann Resorts. Prior to joining Hann, Christi was a student of the Communication Arts and her career journey has been diverse, spanning across various industries from Administration to Broadcasting, Airport and Aviation, and currently in HR. Her path was not predetermined, but her passion for Customer Service and connecting with people guided her choices, including her belief that character and commitment determine success, not technical know-how. One of Christi’s most challenging experiences at Hann Casino Resort was during the pre-opening phase when the HR team faced the unique hurdle of opening a casino without any pre-opening experience. However, with guidance from a mentor who advised her to create a checklist if one didn’t exist, she took the initiative and developed a comprehensive plan. The pride she feels is immeasurable as she reflects on the achievements that followed. With a dedicated HR team of 10 employees, they successfully brought Hann Casino Resort to life during its grand opening, a testament to their hard work and dedication. During her tenure at Hann, Christi has gained invaluable insights into the integrated resort industry and had the privilege of working alongside Mr. Dae Sik Han and an exceptional team. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge and contributing to the continued success of Hann Resorts as the company grows and ventures into other fields.She also looks forward to contributing to the HR profession and nation-building through the employment and development opportunities we provide. As a leader, Christi firmly believes in the inherent trustworthiness and capabilities of people, unless proven otherwise. Her approach is democratic and consultative, fostering open dialogues and discussions. At the same time, she upholds strict adherence to policies and deliverables as a sign of Integrity, placing importance on autonomy and transparency within her team. She expects exceptional performance from her team members for the benefit of internal and external stakeholders so that ultimately Hann becomes the ultimate luxury leisure destination.
EVERY MOM, EVERYWHERE, ALL WONDER MOMS In light of Mother’s Day weekend, Hann Resorts recognizes that being a mother goes beyond biological ties. It extends to nurturing, guiding, and supporting individuals in various aspects of life. Meet Ms. Agnes “Neki” Liwanag, the Vice President for Corporate Planning, Development and Compliance at Hann Philippines,Inc. She is a motherly figure in her division even though she is not an actual mom. She considers her team as her children. She takes pleasure in seeing them grow and succeed under her guidance. Most of her team members have been with her for many years since they joined the company during its early days. Through her leadership, she has watched them develop and blossom into capable professionals. “They grew up from the ranks, so they grew up with me,” Neki explains. “I taught them everything I know, my experiences, and I shared everything with them. That’s why they are my children, despite the absence of a biological connection.” The analogy of teaching a child how to walk and guiding them through their teenage years resonates with her. As they matured, they became independent, capable of handling responsibilities without her constant presence. Neki takes pride in their growth and believes that her role as a motherly figure was instrumental in shaping their success. When asked about her most memorable experience with her team, she laughs and jokingly responds, “Aside from scolding them?” She reflects on the stages of their growth from Widus Hotel and Casino to Hann Philippines, Inc. She acknowledges that while she may have a reputation for being firm, her intention has always been to guide and support her team members. She emphasizes that the instances when she had been frustrated were driven by valid reasons. Her team members are aware of this and appreciate her guidance as it contributes to their personal and professional development. She treasures the moments when they demonstrate their understanding and learn from their mistakes. For Neki, a wonder mom is someone who can effectively balance various aspects of life. While acknowledging her own struggles in achieving this balance, she strives to support and give equal treatment to her team members. “A wonder mom is a combination of everything – personal, financial, career growth, emotional, and social aspects,” Neki states. She believes that no wonder mom can be perfect, as imperfections are inherent in every individual. When asked if she considers herself a wonder mom, she modestly admits, “I think so.” She acknowledges that her time is not equally distributed among all her team members but reassures them that she is there whenever they need her the most. Just like a mother with multiple children, she prioritizes her presence based on their individual needs. She values one-on-one interactions and dedicates specific time addressing their concerns. Despite her demanding schedule, she ensures that she is accessible and supportive when her team members require her attention. Neki’s own mother serves as her inspiration for a wonder mom. She admires her mom’s ability to balance a successful career while fulfilling her motherly duties at home. She inherited her mother’s strictness, instilling punctuality and discipline among her team members. She credits her mom for shaping her values and work ethic, which she now brings to her role as the Vice President for Corporate Planning, Development and Compliance. As for her previous jobs and how she ended up at Widus, she had quite a diverse professional journey. Before joining Widus in 2007, she worked as a bank teller. She progressed to become a Regional Administrator for the bank’s Central Luzon Regional Office, where she worked with multiple branches. She spent five years in the banking industry before moving on to a private Korean company, where she served as a marketing supervisor in the field of IT and e-commerce for less than a year. Following her time at her previous job, she had the opportunity to work for Malacañang as Presidential Staff Officer VI, serving under Congressman Renato Diaz, who was the Presidential Assistant for Central Luzon at that time. Upon the conclusion of Congressman Diaz’s term, she found herself in a position of transition as her role was co-terminus with his. It was during this period when she received a call from her former boss, who had already joined Widus. She was intrigued when she met Mr. Han, the Chairman and CEO of Widus for the job interview. The unconventional setting, which was in his villa, made her pause and question whether she should pursue working for him. However, she was impressed with Mr. Han’s vision and big plans, so she decided to give it a try and see where it would lead. She started as a Sales & Marketing Officer for the Time Shares and Service Residences of Widus. Over the years, her role at Hann evolved as the company grew. When her previous boss resigned, she took on additional responsibilities as the Sales & Marketing Manager, overseeing the marketing team and was also assigned to assist Mr. Han’s various administrative requirements. As the company expanded, she embraced new challenges and opportunities. She became the Business Development Manager and Executive Assistant to the President, working on various construction and expansion projects, including obtaining the casino license. She attained the role of Director for Business Development & Executive Assistant to the President in 2015, when she spearheaded the Project and Administrative Department, as well as the Compliance Department. Recognizing her dedication and expertise, she received a promotion in 2016 to Assistant Vice President for Business Development & Executive Assistant to the President, overseeing a broader range of departments including the Executive Office, Project and Admin, Compliance, Audit, and Marketing. Continuing her upward trajectory, in 2017, her position evolved into Assistant Vice President for Corporate Planning and Compliance/Executive Assistant to the President. During this time, she also took on the responsibility of establishing Hann Foundation Inc. (formerly known as Widus Foundation Inc.) for which she is the Executive Director until today. In January of this year, she was promoted to Vice President for Corporate Planning, Development, and Compliance, with the responsibility of overseeing and ensuring the successful completion of Hann’s new luxury development in New Clark City, Tarlac – the Hann Reserve, which also requires her to establish the company’s own Construction Department. Reflecting on her journey, she has been with Hann Philippines Inc. for 16 years, making her the longest-standing employee. She has witnessed and contributed to the company’s growth, from a small team of fewer than 10 people for the entire company, to her own division alone with 60 people, set to expand to more than a hundred within the year. As for balancing being motherly and being a boss or leader, she finds it essential to draw a clear line between the two roles. She believes in letting her team learn from their mistakes and take ownership of their actions, just like a mother would. However, she also maintains the position of a boss or rather a leader, ensuring that objectives are met and that the team operates efficiently. It’s crucial for both parties to understand that any criticism or feedback is about the job and not a personal attack. After addressing an issue, she encourages her team to move forward and let go of any negative feelings. Regarding her career goals as an executive, she is currently contemplating her next steps. She remains open to new opportunities that may arise and continues to seek growth and development in her professional journey. In her free time, she prioritizes spending quality time with her family. In the past, she used to be very sociable and involved in various social groups, such as the Junior Chamber International (JCI) and other organizations. However, as responsibilities increased and time became limited, she shifted her focus to spending more time with her family. She loves to go on vacations or trips with her friends or visit her family in the United States. Traveling allows her to unwind, explore new places, and create lasting memories. When it comes to hobbies, she admits that she has to let go of many of them due to her busy schedule. In the past, she enjoyed playing badminton with friends, but now her hobbies revolve around self-care and relaxation. During her “me time,” she prefers to stay at home, watch shows on Netflix, read a book, or simply focus on personal self-care. Visiting the spa or salon is something she truly enjoys and considers a form of rejuvenation. If there’s any message or life advice, she would like to share with other wonder moms, particularly in a professional context, it would be centered around self-care. While it is essential to focus on your career and achieve your goals, it’s equally important not to neglect your physical and mental well-being. Remember that work will always be there, and stress is inevitable, but compromising your health should never be an option. Take the time to find balance and prioritize self-care, ensuring that your health doesn’t suffer because of work-related stress. Choose your battles wisely and learn to let go of unnecessary stressors. Take conscious efforts to separate work and personal life, allowing yourself the time and space to relax and recharge. At the end of the day, your well-being matters, and it is through a healthy balance that you can truly thrive in both your personal and professional life.
EVERY MOM, EVERYWHERE, ALL WONDER MOMS Hann Resorts’ Mother’s Day Campaign takes a deeper look into the inspiring stories of Wonder Moms within the organization. One such story belongs to Ms. Mitchell Estacio, the Vice President for Finance – Hann Philippines, Inc., whose journey as a mother and executive is a testament to strength, dedication, and the power of a strong support system. At the age of 26, Mitchell experienced the unexpected joy of motherhood when she welcomed her first child into the world. Initially unprepared and without any plans for marriage or starting a family, she embraced the surprise with open arms. The moment she discovered her pregnancy, a shiver of excitement ran through her, and she knew that she was about to embark on an extraordinary journey. When asked to define a Wonder Mom, she emphasized that it is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Every parent’s journey is unique, and being a wonder mom is about making a daily commitment to be present for their children. While she considers herself fortunate to have a supportive partner in her husband and parents who assist in caring for her kids, she recognizes the challenges faced by single parents or those without a reliable support system. She believes that many others are true wonder women and men, navigating parenthood without the same level of support she has been fortunate to have. She looks up to her own mom, who exemplified the qualities of prioritizing her children in all her endeavors. Despite being a career woman herself, her mother consistently balanced work and family responsibilities, a trait that she admires and seeks to emulate. She believes that expressing love and care through simple acts, such as waking up early, saying “I love you” and preparing breakfast, form the foundation of a strong parent-child bond. Reflecting on her own journey, she acknowledges that self-doubt occasionally creeps in, but it is countered by the moments when her children express gratitude and affection. As a mom, her ultimate goal is for her children to be healthy, happy individuals who positively impact others. She believes that success should not be limited to academic achievements but rather measured by their ability to lead fulfilling lives while respecting and uplifting others. Through love letters and constant reminders, she encourages her children to always choose what is right and strive to be a positive influence in the lives of others. She is a proud mother of three children, with her eldest turning 20 and her youngest being 15. Balancing her role as an executive and a mom has been a continuous journey of making choices and being present in all aspects of her life. She believes that true balance is achieved by giving equal importance to every aspect, whether it’s work, family, or personal well-being. Throughout her career, she has held various positions, starting as an associate at Sycip Gorres Velayo and Co. (SGV), the Philippines’ largest and leading professional services firm. After staying less than a year in SGV, her mom helped her secure a job at the Civil Service Commission as the Regional Accountant. Her mom believed that being in a government position would provide stability for the rest of her career. However, she wasn’t happy in that role. After 3 years, she decided to resign from Civil Service Commission. Her next stop Luen Thai Holdings, Inc., a multi-national company based in Hong Kong, where she met her husband. She then worked at one of the resorts in Clark for five years before joining Lewis & Saunders Asia where she stayed for one year and eventually found her way to Hann Philippines, Inc. Over her 12 years with the company, she has grown both professionally and personally, embracing the challenges and opportunities that have come her way. During her free time, she engages in various activities that bring her joy and relaxation. One of her favorite pastimes is reading books. To make it more cost-effective, she has a Kindle subscription, which allows her to access a wide range of books. Additionally, she enjoys crafting and watching movies. While she prefers movies over TV series because they keep her engaged, she often multitasks while watching by cooking or doing household chores. She also finds time for Netflix and takes care of her household laundry. These activities make up her free time, allowing her to unwind and enjoy moments of leisure. She is quite adventurous when it comes to crafts and likes to explore various art forms. Currently, she is into leather crafting, but she has previously delved into paper flower crafts and personalized items. To enhance her crafting skills, she attends several workshops and plans to participate in future learning sessions. It all began when she discovered the Cricut machine in 2020. Before that, she used to spend her free time writing since she has a passion for literature and poetry. While she primarily engages in crafting as a personal hobby and source of fulfillment, she does occasionally sell her creations to friends or acquaintances who express interest in them. If time permits, she accepts orders and fulfills them. However, her Her main motivation for crafting is the joy it brings her rather than focusing solely on commercial aspects. She takes pride in the creative process and the satisfaction of seeing the finished products. In November 2021, she was invited to become a brand ambassador for the Cricut Philippines. Cricut is a renowned brand in the United States and Canada, and it made its way to the Philippines in 2020. As the brand was relatively new in the country, she joined the local crafting community and shared her knowledge and experiences. Despite not being an avid user of Facebook, she found it fulfilling to connect with fellow crafters and enthusiasts, offering guidance and support through Zoom sessions or private messages. This journey led her to become one of the influencers in the crafting community, promoting the capabilities of the Cricut machines and inspiring others to explore their creativity. Crafting provides Mitch with a sense of instant accomplishment and relaxation. It serves as an outlet for her emotions and allows her to calm her mind, even amidst busy schedules and daily pressures. The creative process itself, whether it’s working with leather or exploring different crafting techniques, helps her maintain a sense of balance and tranquility. Moreover, the opportunity to interact with fellow crafters and inspire them has been immensely fulfilling. Witnessing their growth and seeing them start their own small businesses based on what they have learned fills her with a sense of pride and purpose. It reminds her of the impact she can have on others by sharing her knowledge and passions. For Mitch, her crafting hobby and her professional life are closely intertwined. She believes that enriching people’s lives is not just a career goal but a life goal. Crafting has been enriching and her opportunity to enrich others. Mitch firmly believes that it’s crucial for working moms to make time for themselves and engage in activities that bring them fulfillment. Whether it’s singing, painting, or trying something new that they’ve always wanted to do, finding moments for self-expression and personal growth can have a profound impact on their overall well-being. It is through these experiences that they can continue to discover their own abilities and expand their horizons. Lastly, she advises all moms not to limit themselves to a singular career or role. Just as she tells her own children, she encourages wonder moms to embrace their multifaceted nature and explore various passions and possibilities. They can be doctors, chefs, athletes, and career-driven individuals while also being devoted parents. The key is to never stop dreaming, never limit oneself to a single path, and continually strive to become more than what society expects them to be. In her eyes, the true wonder of being a woman lies in discovering endless possibilities that one can explore, the many roles that can be embraced, and the constant pursuit of personal growth and fulfillment. By nurturing their own passions, wonder moms can inspire their children to lead lives filled with fun, purpose, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to self-discovery.
EVERY MOM, EVERYWHERE, ALL WONDER MOMS Motherhood is a journey that’s full of challenges and joys. For Ms. Liway Alba, it was a journey that took a bit longer to start due to a high-risk pregnancy at the age of 36. Despite the obstacles, Liway explored unconventional ways, several attempts at becoming a mother and was blessed with two lovely daughters, now ages 11 and 9. Liway has been in the casino industry for almost 30 years. She started in Subic Bay then moved to other countries such as Thailand, South Africa, Laos, Cambodia, Macau and Singapore. She was already with Marina Bay Sands when she decided to have a family. Liway and children went back to the Philippines in 2017 which eventually brought her to Hann Casino Resort as an executive, the new Director of Gaming. Liway’s passion for her job is evident and contagious. She takes pride in her work and her accomplishments. Being a mom never stopped her from pursuing her career goals. Liway is a self-proclaimed Wonder Mom who embraces the role of juggling work and parenting. For her, a Wonder Mom can do multiple things at the same time, from taking care of the house, domestic duties, errands, to attending school activities to managing a male-dominated job. It is a daily balancing act, daily commitment but she handles it with grace. Liway’s mother, who is now 76 years old, is her inspiration and support system. She shares that her mother has always been there for her, providing her with guidance, encouragement, and love. Her mother has also instilled in her the importance of perseverance and hard work, values that she holds dear and would pass on to her own daughters. Liway remains committed to providing her children with all the emotional, physical, and financial support they need. She believes that being a mom is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. She cherishes every moment spent with her family. For her, motherhood is a lifelong journey, and her ultimate desire is to see her children thrive and become independent adults. This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate Hann Wonder Moms like Liway, who has embraced all the highs and lows; who inspires us to be the best version of ourselves, as parents and as professionals.
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Dae Sik Han: Visionary, Dreamer, Builder
When Chairman and CEO of Hann Resorts Dae Sik Han first came to Clark Freeport Zone in 2005 as a tourist, there was hardly anything in the vast township in terms of luxury being developed in the former US Air Force Base. There were a few hotels and a golf course, but nothing five-star. Yet he was drawn to Clark, he felt that it had its own “charm.” The former base have been converted into the Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) and just cleared of lahar from the Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption over a decade ago; the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), the highway connecting Metro Manila to the northern part of the country, wouldn’t be opened until 2008. But when he saw Clark International Airport, he knew Clark had enormous potential. In Mr. Han’s mind, a vision emerged. He would build facilities here—and people would come. After all, he had experience in building in South Korea with the company he established, Seewoom Construction, in the early 2000s. “I am a dreamer,” he once said. “I spend at least a couple of hours just looking at the master plan. What would be the next step? I plan at least five or 10 years ahead.” He envisioned Clark becoming a hub for the seven provinces of Central Luzon and the 16 cities of Metro Manila, and beyond. All told, Clark could be a huge hub for more than 20 million local people seeking new experiences—and international tourists from Asia, North America and Europe. Mr. Han wanted to shape Clark into a compelling destination and the only way to do that was to build luxury hotels, casinos, golf courses, and shopping and lifestyle centers that this part of the Philippines hadn’t seen before. Hann Casino Resort is Pampanga’s first fully integrated luxury resort. There was only one problem. Mr. Han had no experience in developing casinos—and he hardly knew people in the Philippines except for his golf buddies. But as visionaries throughout history have proven (or disproven the doubters) , there are great things to be had when they “see the invisible, believe in the incredible, and achieve the impossible.” In 2006, just a year after he first visited the Philippines, Mr. Han established the first hospitality business, the Widus Hotel. “I thought to myself, ‘What can I do here?’ And then I was looking for a property, I found this one and I built the first hotel,” he said. He opened Widus Hotel & Casino in 2008. It had 24 tables and 150 slot machines. Fifteen years later, the 11-hectare Hann Casino Resort now features the 372-room Swissotel and 260-room Marriott Hotel, a casino comparable to Las Vegas with over 868 slot machines, 147 gaming tables, and 44 electronic table games—and so much more in the pipeline. For non-gamers, the integrated resort features more than 18 restaurants, bars and cafes offering local and international cuisines. Among them, 10 establishments have earned a prominent spot on TripAdvisor’s prestigious list of top restaurants, solidifying its reputation as the culinary capital of Clark while its soon to open retail space will have exciting food and non-food brands. The story of how Mr. Han brought the Marriott Hotel to Clark gives a peek into his determination. In 2014, when he was negotiating with Marriott Asia, he was told that Clark wasn’t the market for the more premium Marriott Hotel, but Courtyard by Marriott was, catering to business travelers and offering a more casual and practical atmosphere. Luxury experience at Hann Casino Resort “But I was very stubborn. I said, ‘No, I want Marriott. If not, I need to talk to somebody else.’ And that’s how I got the Marriott brand. Even during the construction, the Marriott team came and we ran some numbers and they were not very confident that this Marriott would perform. But a couple of months after we opened in 2018, we were running at about 80% occupancy. Since then, this Marriott has gone on to become one of the top five performing Marriotts in Asia,” Mr. Han says in an interview with Inside Asian Gaming magazine. The gaming and hospitality industry took notice of how Hann Resorts had changed the game for Clark. Mr. Han was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Leader Award at the 2023 ASEAN Gaming Awards by Asia Gaming Brief, a renowned global news and intelligence organization; and was recognized as Executive of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards Asia-Pacific 2023, a widely known awards ceremony hosted by Asian Gaming Brief, a B2B gaming publication.   Hann Resorts Chairman & CEO Dae Sik Han   Bigger dreams, bigger plans Born and raised in Jecheon, South Korea, Mr. Han grew up in a lower middle class family that lived in a house with one room. During the bitter cold winters, he says, the heating came from charcoal inside the room. While it somehow kept them warm, it also meant he was inhaling smoke and would sometimes have to be hospitalized. A self-made man, Mr. Han’s father started a business that produced ready-mix concrete and asphalt. After the younger Han earned his degree in Business Administration at Western Michigan University in the US, he went back to South Korea to run his father’s company. When he was building Widus, he didn’t tell his father that he was doing it solo, but that he had only a one-third stake in the company so that he wouldn’t worry if the venture failed and he lost $4 million. It was only when Widus was completed and his father visited Clark that Mr. Han revealed he had staked everything he had in his first casino hotel.Widus underwent rapid expansion with the addition of a convention center and a second tower. Following a rebranding to Hann Resorts, the Hann Casino Resort opened its doors in 2021during the pandemic. It now stands as the leading fully integrated resort in the region, featuring Central Luzon’s first five-star hotel, Marriott, and the country’s first Swissotel. Mr. Han isn’t done with his dreams for Clark just yet. In the pipeline is Hann Reserve at New Clark City (NCC), the next phase of development spearheaded by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA). New Clark City spans 94.5 square kilometers or 9,450 hectares, located in two municipalities in Tarlac in what used to be the US Base’s Camp O’Donnell. Dae Sik Han (right) with representatives from Accor hospitality group, Banyan Tree, BCDA, and Tarlac LGU. As of last year, Hann Philippines has invested between $500 and $600 million (P29 to P34 billion) in its properties, and an additional P9 billion in new developments at NCC. Hann Reserve will build luxury hotels and three golf courses on 450 hectares of land. It is also bringing in the Banyan Tree brand, which will be an ultra-luxe mountain resort with pool villas and a tropical garden spa, while the golf courses will be designed by KJ Choi, Nicklaus Design and Nick Faldo. Banyan Tree has made a name for itself as a sanctuary for the senses. With over 70 hotels and resorts, and 14 branded residences around the world, each Banyan Tree has a distinct intimate sense of place through design, architecture, and locations that embrace the environment and local community. Banyan Tree Clark will carry the same ethos and design. Mr. Han has also signed agreements with three international hospitality groups for Hann Reserve, which will house a casino, convention facilities, luxury residential and premier commercial and retail areas. Under Accor, there will be Sofitel Hotel and Emblems Collection, and Marriott International will have Marriott Luxury Collection and Westin. New market and lifestyle In a world where time is a precious commodity, people are now more deliberate about how they spend their leisure moments and this has shaped the way they seek enjoyment and relaxation. International travelers and local tourists are looking for an escape from their routines, for mindful relaxation, places for social interaction, personalized service, and unforgettable experiences. As a golfer himself, Mr. Han believes that the sport must be part of this new lifestyle offering. “The gaming industry is very, very dynamic. It started in Las Vegas, it moved to Macau and it is spreading in Asia. So I’ve always been thinking about how to make this thing, my product, different from everybody else,” he said in the same previous interview. Hann Reserve, the new development of Hann Resorts in New Clark City Hann Resorts is investing heavily in building beautiful golf courses and luxury hotels. At Hann Reserve, the course and resort designs are in tune with their surrounding environments: rivers, mountains and valleys. First to be completed in 2026 is the mountain golf course by Nicklaus Design, to be followed by the valley course designed by South Korean pro golfer KJ Choi in 2027, and the river course by Nick Faldo in 2028. “The reason I’m trying to focus on golf here is because I think our strategy has to be different from market to market. We have around 13% growth because our market in Clark is very, very different from the Entertainment City in Manila. A lot of our visitors are coming for golf and different entertainment options. And even in this local market, golf follows the economy, so when the economy experiences growth, golf grows together with it. That’s what happened in Korea.” Mr. Han added that in the Philippines, younger people are playing more golf. That’s also the reason why it was important to bring in luxury brands in both hospitality and the sport. The market is “VIP players and if they are serious golfers, then 10% of them will look for an integrated resort where they can enjoy themselves and play golf.” Mr. Han said that golfers in Asia, particularly the Philippines, don’t play for money when competing with friends—instead, they make the game more interesting by betting on who should pay for their meal after 18 holes. “When I play with my Filipino friends, that’s what we do. Asian culture is very different.” An added advantage of golfing in Clark is that it’s not beset by endless traffic, which means more time on the links for players. Getting stuck in a four-hour traffic jam, he said, “is like spending one round of golf—on the street. Accessibility is very important. The run from the airport to Hann Casino Resort is 10 minutes, and New Clark City is also 10 minutes away from the airport. Even from Manila it is maybe one hour and 40 minutes, so it’s very accessible. And as soon as you enter the property, the view is very different—it’s the mountains. That’s one of the reasons I decided to invest in Clark.” Golfing at New Clark City Clark also has a lot of space, he says. “There are three golf courses here now, and outside, nearby, there are quite a lot of them. Plus I’m building another three and there are a lot of Korean companies coming here to build golf resorts. So in five years’ time there will be quite a lot more golf courses, and this is going to be a golfing destination.” Mr. Han’s golf dreams are not limited to building courses but also bringing in big-time tournaments to Clark. “The reason I want to bring together betting and golf is that I’m already talking to promoters right now, but I’m going to organize either KLPGA or LPGA events, if not European tour events, and these are going to be aired from the Philippines for the first time. I don’t need to talk about casino gambling, I’ll just show the beauty of the property and everybody is going to see the Hann brand and everybody will link this with our casino. That is a way to promote this entire property all over the world, so I think the marketing exposure is going to be very, very big.” With the development of Hann Reserve as a luxury eco-sanctuary, he envisions a destination that will attract not just locals, but also enthusiasts of golf, gaming, and entertainment alike. “This,” he emphasized, “is how we redefine excellence.”
Capt. Joy Roa: Master of the Skies
He’s flown around the world twice on a small airplane, almost got stuck on a deserted island, flown hot air balloons and got an entire country enthusiastic about it, landed helicopters and planes on the most beautiful island resorts around the world, and bought and sold private jets. Meet Capt. Jose Mari “Joy” Roa, the ultimate aviator whose love affair with flying has spread to countless people, whether it’s by witnessing colorful hot air balloons lift to the skies for the past 23 years, or buying private jets and helicopters on their behalf. For Joy Roa, even the sky’s not the limit. His spirit for adventure has driven him to new and greater heights—quite literally—for almost five decades since he got his pilot’s license in 1978. But before he flew the skies, he was flying on the ground. The son of a doctor and a teacher, Roa grew up riding horses and motorcycles. But his spirit for adventure was soon looking for other things. “It was starting to get boring after a while, and I decided I wanted to do something different and I thought flying, being off the ground, was different.” Captain Joy Roa in a Gulfstream G-550 cockpit. One day while he was riding with his friends, he saw a sign that read, “Learn how to fly.” And just like that, he did. He was 20 years old when he started flying school at Manila’s United Air and then in Southern California. “From that point on, I took to the sky like a fledgling raring to flex its wings,” he writes in his autobiography The Joy of Flying. At the time, the rental for a Cesna 150 was P120 per hour. “Not exactly cheap for a guy without a job. But this gave me the motivation to learn the ropes as quickly as possible.” He did his solo flight at Canlubang Airfield and took his written test with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for his private pilot’s license. “It was the first time in my whole life that I had to study seriously,” he says. His first passenger was Bettina “Ting,” Luciano, whom he describes as the only person he could “fool” to escape and take a flight with this newly minted pilot. “I would manage to fool her again to be my wife a few years later after her return from her studies in the States,” he says. For his first charter flight, he flew two sacks of cash to Tapian in Marinduque—the payroll for a mining company (there were no ATMs in the Philippines just yet). There was a bank employee with him on that flight and when they got to Marinduque he requested that Roa fly back to Manila a nun from the convent there. “Of course I agreed—and thank God I did!” The weather was horrible and he had to fly under heavy rain between mountains. By then the young pilot had 90 hours of flying under his belt. Even in those early days, Roa loved the aviation community. He would later make friends with his instructors, fellow pilots and everyone involved in the industry. “Instinctively, I made an effort to explore every place I landed in and to make friends with airport caretakers and local personnel.” Capt. Joy flying in formation with Royal Thai Air Force PC9s and F16 Four years after he got his license, Capt. Roa started a small company called Air Ads in 1982 (its logo had three clouds, one on top of the other). The business was born from what he saw in California where he was training—a small plane towing a banner. “I said, I’m going to do that in the Philippines.” From that initial company of towing ads and signs, it progressed to airplane trade, restoration, parts supply, charter and a small commuter service in the ‘90s called Island Hopper. The airline flew from Manila to Busuanga, Boracay, Amanpulo, Baler and Lubang. Now called Asian Safari Inc., his company runs one of the most trusted aircraft management and FBO (Fixed Base Operations) in the country. It’s also the name of his documentary series on flying and travel where he takes his audiences from the pyramids of Egypt to the royal estates of France, the hangars of commercial airlines, air shows, and plane manufacturers. Originally aired on ABS-CBN’s ANC channel five times a week, the episodes can also be viewed on its own channel on YouTube. Bactrian camel in Mongolia Bringing people back to Clark When Mt. Pinatubo erupted on June 12, 1991, it sent ash clouds 19 kilometers into the atmosphere. It’s a basic law of gravity that what goes up must come down—and what came down devastated Pampanga, destroying crops, entire towns, and carpeting the province and also Zambales in lahar. One of the most affected areas in Pampanga was the US military facility Clark Air Base, which covered 37 square kilometers and an additional military reservation of 600 square kilometers. By 1990 it had a population of 15,000 and one of the largest American military bases outside the US. (Clark had been under the US military since 1903, serving as a strategic base in both World War II and Vietnam War.) In September 1991, the Philippine Senate rejected the renewal of the military bases agreement on a historic 12-11 vote, and Clark and Subic were formally turned over to the Philippine government two months later. The former bases came under the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), the agency that leads the transformation of former military bases and properties into centers of economic growth with the private sector. The air base became Clark Special Economic Zone (now Clark Freeport). Around that time, Capt. Joy Roa was introduced to the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. He had witnessed how the event drew pilots, balloon enthusiasts and tourists together. “I was in California and a friend said he knew someone who could teach me to fly hot air balloons. I met him and we started flying in Southern California. I did my checkride (practical test for pilots) in Albuquerque, where you can have 500 balloons flying at any one time.” Capt. Joy is always happy sharing aviation experience with everyone thru the balloon fiesta and Asian Air Safari Held every October, Albuquerque’s predictable wind patterns make it an ideal spot for ballooning. The balloons are launched in a 78-acre field or the equivalent of 54 football fields. The international event is held around the world at different times of the year: Quebec, Canada in August; Bristol, England, also in August, is Europe’s largest annual balloon festival; Igualada, Spain in July; Chateau-d’Oex in Switzerland in late January; and Saga, Japan in early November. “The Saga International Balloon Fiesta inspired me on so many levels, and I came back home seriously contemplating how I could replicate the experience in the Philippines,” Roa says. He flew the Philippines’ first registered balloon in Canlubang—a “low and fast” inaugural flight—and tried flying at least every weekend after that. In 1992, he put together a team to participate in Saga. Two years later, in 1994, Capt. Roa helped then Tourism Secretary Mina Gabor to launch the 1st Philippine Balloon Fiesta on January 27 to February 1 in Clark. “Her objective was to give life to Clark after Pinatubo. I was very busy with other things, but she told me, ‘Please do it for your country.’ We called Gen. Romy David, who was then the president of Clark Development Corp. (CDC). They gave me money for the event and I gave them back the change because I was so kuripot. I think we had only a P2 million budget.” At the first fiesta, Roa and his friends in aviation managed to launch about 12 balloons. A good number that they’ve been hitting for the past years is 20 balloons, which he says is the ideal number for the community to really get to know each other. For the past 23 years, the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta has gained a huge following among local and international pilots and enthusiasts. More importantly, it has brought tourism back to the province. “When you go to Clark, you think of a hot air balloon. We bring in 110,000 people over three event days. Let’s say each person spends about P1,500 for the ticket, food, fuel, etc. That’s P165 million that we bring into the community. That alone tells you how high the interest is.” The 24th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta This year, the 24th edition of the annual event is going to be held at New Clark City (NCC), the new development spearheaded by BCDA. NCC is approximately 9,450 hectares in size and located in the towns of Bamban and Capas in Tarlac province. Hann Philippines is investing P9 billion in NCC. Hann Reserve will have the luxury Banyan Tree mountain resort; the mountain golf course by Nicklaus Design targeted to be completed in 2026; the valley course by South Korean pro golfer KJ Choi in 2027; and the river course by Nick Faldo in 2028. “Clark is very lucky it has investors like Hann Resorts putting huge amounts of money here—investors that are building instead of waiting to see what the government will do.” Roa is excited about the new launch pad for the balloons and introducing it to more people. As a balloon pilot, he says, “the thrill is seeing people’s faces because you fly very low. I like seeing them smiling and making them happy.” He describes the community of balloon pilots as “all very nice and down to earth because when they visit a place they want to know about the culture and the people.” He adds with a laugh, “They’re a little bit warmer than the snooty jet owners.” Capt. Joy Roa’s world may be high up in the sky, but he prefers people who are down to earth—and the kind of flying that spreads joy back down to the ground.   The courage to step out of your comfort zone When you ask Capt. Roa about the bold decisions he’s made in his life, he rejects the implied risk-taking in the meaning but rather focuses on the courageous part of the word. “When you’re a pilot, you have to plan everything, you don’t take too many risks. You have to have alternatives and clear-cut options instead of just being brave,” he says. “Courage can be as simple as stepping out of your comfort zone. I have very rich friends who never travel because they’re saving their money for their children; they can’t even enjoy life because they have so many fears. Everybody has their own fears, but I think you live a very happy, exciting and adventurous life when you step out of your comfort zone.” You can say that flying a small jet around the world—twice!—is a bold move, but for him it was really more about the planning. The first time Capt. Roa flew around the world was via the Atlantic Ocean in 2005 and the second time by crossing the Pacific Ocean in 2008. “Crossing the Pacific, you’re westbound, and the jet-stream is headwind. You have limited fuel so the range of a small jet is not huge. We had to stop between Alaska and Russia on a small island that was still part of the US. I had no choice, that was the only place we could land,” he says. There was no proper runway but there was a dirt strip. When he and his co-pilot landed, they saw a very rusty fuel dispenser but nobody was around. “Oh my God, we’re going to be stuck here for the rest of our lives! We were in the middle of nowhere, I was starting to get worried. Then somebody came along bringing a bowser and he said, ‘Do you need fuel?’ Of course we needed fuel!” They were running late to land in Russia and he had to make a call to let the tower know. “When you’re a small airplane, you have to notify everybody. A few hours later, we landed in Petropavlovsk. From Russia we flew to Japan. That was probably the longest we flew, 18 hours in one day.” It’s almost 50 years since he first flew, and his business of buying and selling planes has seen so much success, but the thrill of flying remains: a helicopter because he can land anywhere (especially thrilling when it’s on a yacht); a balloon because he can see, unlike in any other aircraft, how people on the ground smile at the sight of it; and a plane because he can see the world below transforming. “You see the topography changing and political divisions are being drawn as you fly above. And then to be able to land this instrument when there’s snow, fog, rain and wind.” For Capt. Roa, there’s no greater joy than sharing his passion for flying with others, and to inspire the next generation of aviators to reach for the skies and follow their dreams, wherever they may lead.
Philip Torres: Designing the Kapampangan Identity
There is a ball skirt in the atelier of designer Philip Dizon Torres in Angeles City that shows the meticulous work that goes into each of his designs. It’s a long, black skirt that took six months to complete and 10 hands to sew the fabric embellishments and stitch patterns. It’s a stunning piece—feminine, textured, flowing even with the weight of thousands of small embellishments made from folded fabric that look like small flowers. It’s a rare black on black piece because his brand, Pidayit by Philip Torres, is quite literally a colorful patchwork of fabrics and inspiration. The ball skirt is just one of hundreds of pieces hanging on rolling garment racks in the covered area right outside his studio, where he draws his designs and chooses which fabric goes with what, what pattern or color goes with which. Torres created Pidayit more than a decade ago during a time in his life when he was “having a midlife crisis and seeking a deeper purpose” as a designer. He just had to look around in his house to see the tons of fabrics he had accumulated throughout his career and look around his province of Pampanga to find that purpose. Pidayit, a Kapampangan word that means to put or to string together, is Torres’ way of starting a tradition in a province famous for culinary traditions but not for textiles. The designs of Philip Torres, Pidayit, which means to put together. In the south, Iloilo has hablon, derived from the Hiligaynon word that means “habol” or to weave, a textile made from abaca, piña and cotton fibers using a handloom. In the north, Ilocos has inabel, also a handwoven fabric bearing the province’s distinct style and patterns. In Mindanao, there’s t’nalak woven by the Tiboli people of South Cotabato. What about Pampanga? There is no weaving tradition, no textile identity. But there is a tradition of handmade furniture and intricate wood carving. Torres is a proud Kapampangan and with Pidayit he wanted to create a distinctly Kapampangan identity in textile design: made from retaso or pieces of fabric that are as colorful and flamboyant as the people, cut and stitched by hand, and inspired by the province’s produce and its position as the country’s culinary capital. The word pidayit (or pidayit-dayit) was the perfect name because Torres wanted to distill the culture and history of Pampanga into a brand name that best represents its colorful fiestas, cultural traditions, and people working together. “I incorporated the cooking traditions and the produce into my designs,” he says. “They’re happy designs because that’s what the people are, and we use the colors of Pampanga’s fiestas and santacruzan.” Pidayit makes truly one-of-a-kind clothes that are handmade, one clean stitch at a time. First he does the design by combining color blocks and patterns, then he chooses the accessories for the fabric. Sometimes they cascade like a waterfall on a skirt, a sleeve or the front of a blouse; sometimes they are bunched together to create another pattern on plain fabric. The designer in one of his creations. One of the signature styles of Pidayit is pin cushion-like accessories that are stitched onto the fabric. It’s a labor-intensive process but it’s worth the beautiful results. “The shape of those particular accessories was inspired by the tomato,” Torres says. You find them everywhere—on skirts, trench coats, jackets, blouses, gowns, dresses, terno sleeves, shawls and pants. Torres also uses them in hats, bags, sandals, cellphone cases; and in tapestries and installation art. For the APEC Summit a few years ago, he worked with architect Royal Pineda on an artwork that was installed at the Clark Convention Center. He was also commissioned by Malacañang Palace to create souvenirs for the APEC leaders’ spouses. Torres says, “They had seen my work in a trade fair in Manila (he participates in Arte Fino) so I made Pidayit shawls using silk organza with our signature stitching and texture.”   The Transformative Power of Design When he founded Pidayit, Torres also wanted to push his advocacy for the environment and to create livelihood for the women of Pampanga. To be part of the circular economy is a tall order in the fashion industry. Ruled by consumerism and disposable fashion, the craft of stitching and assembling pieces of fabric is a lost art. While fabric stitching can be deeply meditative and calming, today’s world has given us a sense of urgency for all the wrong reasons. That’s why Torres was very particular in training the 80 women he employs. These stay-at-home moms knew how to sew for sure, but they had never done a skirt that costs P60,000. “The first time I was doing Pidayit, people said, ‘What happened to Philip? Why is he using retaso? Parang laos na siya,’” he says with a laugh. In a country where retaso is mostly made into floor mats, their doubt was understandable but he wasn’t deterred. “I believed from the start that there was value in it. It’s not just for me but for everyone—to give women financial empowerment, to highlight the culture of Pampanga, and to achieve zero waste in what I was doing as a designer.” Philip Torres enjoying the life of art When you look closely at his creations, you can tell that his sewers have the technical skill to wield a needle and thread for a consistent pidayit-dayit. The threads are expertly connected for a textured effect—a reminder that slow, meticulous craftsmanship creates something magical out of nothing: discarded fabrics that are now one whole piece, telling the stories of Pampanga. Many of the stitching styles are simple—cross stitch and running stitch among others—but they make for eye-catching designs. “They’re like the home economics projects from before that I’ve elevated,” Torres says. Inside his studio, he demonstrates the versatility of a shawl accessorized with different sizes of folded and stitched round flowers (as small as they are, you never see the threads that form them). “You can wear this so many ways.” He puts it around his neck for cold season travel; flings one side over his shoulder to complement an evening attire; ties it around his waist for an avant-garde statement. When he’s abroad and wearing a Pidayit shawl or hat, he’s always stopped on the street and asked, “Who are you wearing?” He proudly answers, “I’m wearing me, a Filipino.”   Past and future There’s a reason traditional textiles are unique to their places of birth. Handed down from one generation to the next, they are steeped in the culture and environment in which they were first made. The t’nalak of Mindanao, for instance, is nicknamed “woven dreams” because of the Tiboli people who make it. The abaca they use is stripped, split, dyed, backstrap woven and pounded to create patterns from their ancestors that are so distinctly Tiboli that even outsiders can identify t’nalak immediately. When Torres was tossing the concept of Pidayit in his head, he was also influenced by his environment, but he didn’t have that kind of long-held tradition as the southern weavers to reference. His environment was in his own time. Born and raised in Pampanga, Mt. Arayat and the rolling farmlands and rice fields were his constant views—and yet there was also that totally different side of the province with the American Air Force Base in Clark. “I grew up consuming American PX goods from Dau and Nepo,” he says. The Kapampangan designer happily inspects his designs. There were five Torres siblings born to parents who owned a small restaurant in Angeles City. “My parents were very simple and typical of Kapampangans who love food, fiestas and celebrations.” In decades past, Kapampangans would celebrate fiestas like there was no next year. There were colorful buntings on the streets, fiesta spreads were abundant, friends and strangers were welcomed into people’s houses. This was the culture that Torres grew up in. “You know Kapampangans, they’re mayabang,” he quips. That “yabang” revolved around food—who had the tastier bringhe, the more tender meats, the better kare-kare. “The colors of fiestas, the ingredients like sitaw and kamatis, the happy atmosphere—you find all of these in my Pidayit pieces,” he says. But there was also that western influence by way of the American presence in Clark and fashion magazines. When he was growing up, he says, he wanted to be as famous as Coco Chanel, Dior and Valentino. The designs crosses over the traditional. After high school, Torres enrolled at Slim’s Fashion School for six months, and then at San Sebastian College where he earned his degree in Economics. “After I graduated, I started making ready-to-wear for friends and relatives. After a year, I put up my own atelier called Prét-á-Porter by Philip Torres.” Of the local designers, he looked up to Joe Salazar and Christian Espiritu who were big names in Filipiana fashion and wedding gowns. “After celebrating my 25th years in the business back in 2010, I realized I wanted my own identity. How could I compete with other designers here and abroad? I think stepping out of my usual design and creating fashion out of retaso was the boldest decision I ever made,” he says. On his future plans, he says he’s working on showing his Pidayit collections in Milan and Japan. At its core, Pidayit is more than just joining pieces of fabric together. It’s Philip Torres’ expression of love for Pampanga and to tell its stories to the world.
EVERY MOM, EVERYWHERE, ALL WONDER MOMS Ms. Cheryl Tiglao is an accomplished professional with over two decades of experience in the casino industry. Cheryl began her career at the age of 21 in one of the casinos in Clark, where she worked from 2002 to 2007. Being young and unstoppable, she decided to go abroad and gain valuable international experience. She worked at various distinguished establishments such as The Venetian in Macau for two years from 2007 to 2009, and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from 2009 to 2017. Life comes with surprises. In 2017, Cheryl decided to leave Singapore and return to the Philippines with her children due to changes in her company’s direction. Being a capable and seasoned professional that she is, she was then later approached by a friend who encouraged her to apply for a position at the fast-growing Hann Casino Resort, where she now works as a Director of Slot. Her story is one that resonates with many women who are striving to balance their careers and motherhood. As a devoted mother of two boys, now ages 10 and 8, she understands the challenges that come with being a parent while pursuing a successful career. Her strong work ethic and time management skills have enabled her to excel in her roles as a mother and an executive. She believes that being a wonder mom means finding a balance between both worlds and excelling in them simultaneously. One of her most cherished memories as a mother was seeing her newborn baby for the first time. Her ultimate goal as a mom is to raise her children to become responsible and independent individuals who will succeed in all their future endeavors. Her message to all wonder moms is to continue inspiring others and spreading love. She believes it’s essential to engage in activities that bring joy and happiness, even amidst a busy schedule. During her free time, she enjoys being a homebody and embracing the moments of solitude to relax and recharge for a full week ahead. She understands the importance of finding a balance between work and personal life, which is why she takes the time to spend quality moments with her family. Cheryl’s unwavering dedication to both her career and motherhood is a shining example for women everywhere. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and the remarkable strength of mothers. We are delighted to feature her as a part of our Mother’s Day campaign, celebrating the incredible achievements of women who gracefully balance multiple roles.
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Hann Philippines, Inc does not collect sensitive information unless the individual has consented, unless it is required by law – or in other special specified circumstances, for example relating to health services provision and individual or public health or safety. To read our Privacy Policy for CCTV Surveillance please click here. Our contact details are as follows: Gerome Cayago Data Protection Officer OFFICE ADDRESS: M.A Roxas Highway cor C.M. Recto, Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines 2023
HANN CASINO RESORT IS COMMITTED TO RESPONSIBLE GAMING Hann Casino Resort adheres to the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) Code of Practice for Responsible Gaming. Our company has always taken steps to promote responsible gaming, and has long established many of the PAGCOR -prescribed measures. The PAGCOR Code of Practice represents a broad commitment by the entire gaming industry to make the public aware of responsible gaming resources, and incorporate responsible gaming into business operations. In line with this endeavor, Hann Casino Resort will: Provide information to our patrons and employees about Responsible Gaming Provide our patrons and their families the access to our helpdesk and the option to apply for the Player Exclusion Programs. Provide our patrons who feel that they may have gambling problems the option to contact therapists, counselors, &/or rehabilitation centers Serve alcoholic beverages responsibly Monitor vigilantly to prevent underage gambling and unattended minors in our casino (Guests below 21 years old are prohibited inside casino premises). Advertise responsibly WHAT IS RESPONSIBLE GAMING? Responsible Gaming is a concept that gaming establishments need to uphold to ensure their offerings uphold the highest standards to ensure a fair and safe gaming experience that protects players from the adverse consequences of gaming and gambling and in order to minimize potential harm to the individual players and the community, to prevent gambling addiction and to prohibit underage gambling. WHAT IS PROBLEM GAMBLING? Problem Gambling or ludomania as defined in Wikipedia is an urge to continuously gamble despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop. It is often defined by whether harm is experienced by the gambler or others, rather than by the gambler’s behavior1. WHAT IS PLAYER EXCLUSION PROGRAM? Player Exclusion Program is being provided by the casino to patrons or relatives who feel that they themselves or their family members are developing problems with gambling with the option of barring them from the gaming venue or site. A casino operator shall not disclose information gathered during the facilitation of an application for Exclusion to any third party, unless legally obliged to do so or with the player’s consent. All information and data, especially the identity of excluded persons, shall be treated as classified information by the designated personnel of stakeholders of the Philippine gaming industry who are given access to the National Database. A player or relative may apply for any of the following type of Exclusions thru PAGCOR: Self-Exclusion Family Exclusion Application forms may be downloaded here or may be requested from our casino’s Customer Service Department. Submit the application form along with other requirements in a sealed brown envelope to: APPLICATION FOR EXCLUSION ORDER PAGCOR Ground floor PAGCOR House, 1330 Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila 1000 *Applications with incomplete information or requirements will not be processed. WARNING SIGNS OF PROBLEM GAMBLING YOU CAN’T STOP Just as an experienced poker player knows when to “hold ‘em or fold ‘em,” those who gamble for fun limit themselves and their bets. Compulsive gamblers struggle with both the time and money they’re spending. Betting takes over their life, and they find themselves constantly wagering. They try to quit, but can’t. YOU GAMBLE WITH MONEY YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE JProblem gamblers don’t stop with ”fun money” set aside for betting. They use money budgeted for bills, savings, or their kids’ education. Sometimes they squander not just their last penny, but borrowed money as well. Your bets go beyond entertainment Recreational gamblers play for fun and spend a few dollars to have a good time. Gambling addicts place bets for reasons other than entertainment, often trying to escape anxiety or other problems. Whatever issues you face, gambling isn’t the solution. YOU ATTEMPT TO RECOVER LOSSES BY GAMBLING MORE Have you repeatedly tried to get back money you’ve lost gambling by betting more? Problem gamblers may see more betting as the solution to financial loses rather than what it is – throwing good money after bad YOU GAMBLE WITH MORE AND MORE MONEY Like many addictions, pathological gambling can start small. But problem gamblers won’t be content keeping the stakes low or setting limits. They need to bet more and more to experience the rush. YOU GO TO EXTREMES TO FIND MONEY TO GAMBLE Pathological gamblers don’t stop gambling when their bank account runs dry. Instead they go to extremes to find more money. While this may stop with borrowing, some problem gamblers resort to theft, forgery, or other crimes to feed their habit. YOU PUT GAMBLING BEFORE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS Problem gamblers allow their habit to take priority over other parts of their lives. A gambling addict might skip watching her child’s soccer game or miss time at work to hit the casino. Careers are put on the back burner and relationships deteriorate at the expense their habit. GAMBLING NEGATIVELY AFFECTS YOUR EMOTIONS While gambling can be an exhilarating experience, addicts might experience emotions signaling a problem, including: Frustration or irritation when you’ve tried to quit and failed Feelings of remorse A decrease in ambition An urge to celebrate an unrelated event by gambling GAMBLING IS LIKE ANY ADDICTION The first step is to admit you have a problem. Experts say treatment won’t be effective if the addict can’t take this important first step. Admitting to the problem means you’re ready to make an effort to stop. TIPS TO STOP GAMBLING PROBLEM GET SUPPORT Gambling addictions are hard to fight alone. Family and friends can be a good source of support, therapists, counselors and rehabilitation centers can help recovering addicts share their experiences and find encouragement. AVOID TEMPTATION Addicts have to avoid environments that lead to gambling. Stay away from casinos, race tracks, poker games, or anything else that might remind or tempt you. Cut bad influences out of your life. Take away sources for financing your habit by giving your spouse or someone else control of your money. If you’re using credit cards to fund your habit, cut them up and close the accounts. REPLACE GAMBLING WITH SOMETHING POSITIVE Find a replacement activity or hobby. Whether it’s jogging, rock climbing, or fly fishing, find something to take the place of gambling. SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP The intensity of treatment for gambling addiction varies case-by-case. Up to 70 percent of those with gambling addictions may have other psychiatric conditions, making additional treatment necessary. Psychotherapy may be a part of treatment, and medications are sometimes prescribed that help reduce the urge to wager. Life Change Recovery Center 105 Scout Rallos Street, Kamuning Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City Tel Nos. 415-7964 / 415-6529 Website: Pagcor: Link to Exclusion Forms:  
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HANN RESORTS Hann Philippines Inc. is a South Korean-led investment firm boldly leading the high-end integrated lifestyle resort sector in the Philippines today with the Hann Resorts brand established in Clark, Pampanga in 2016. Hann Resorts is the brand of luxury integrated lifestyle resorts owned and operated by Hann Philippines Inc. It has two developments: Hann Casino Resort and Hann Reserve. Hann Casino Resort is the first fully integrated resort in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. It is the home of the first five-star hotel in Central Luzon, Clark Marriott and the first Swissotel Clark in the Philippines, offering over 600 room keys with state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled services. Hann Casino Resort features a grand mass gaming area of 130,000 sqm with 147 tables and 868 slot machines, and two VIP Clubs for local and foreign members. Moreover, Hann Casino Resort claims the title of being the Culinary Capital of Clark with 15 acclaimed restaurants, bars and cafes under one roof. Additionally, a retail strip within the premises will soon open with a dynamic selection of global brands, specialty restaurants, and cafes. Soon to rise is Hann Reserve, the 450-hectare luxury estate development at New Clark City, Tarlac. Hann Reserve is a project of Hann Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Hann Philippines Inc. The estate will feature three 18-hole championship golf courses designed by Nicklaus Design, KJ Choi and Sir Nick Faldo, along with the only PGA-affiliated player development facilities in the country. These will be complemented by sought-after international luxury hotel brands Banyan Tree, SO/, Sofitel and Emblems by Accor, and The Luxury Collection and Westin by Marriott International. Hann Reserve will be home to exclusive, ultra-luxury villa residences and condominium towers. Surrounding the community will be mix of lifestyle commercial centers, casino, international school, hospital and a 10-hectare curated public park. Hann Reserve will be New Clark City’s iconic development, a model for sustainability and eco-tourism that celebrates the local environment, culture, heritage and community.