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Hann Stories

Ms. Agnes “Neki” Liwanag

Hann Resorts recognizes that being a mother goes beyond biological ties. It extends to nurturing, guiding, and supporting individuals in various aspects of life. Meet Ms. Agnes “Neki” Liwanag, the Vice President for Corporate Planning, Development and Compliance at Hann Philippines,Inc.

Ms. Mitchell Estacio

Hann Resorts’ Mother’s Day Campaign takes a deeper look into the inspiring stories of Wonder Moms within the organization. One such story belongs to Ms. Mitchell Estacio, the Vice President for Finance – Hann Philippines, Inc., whose journey as a mother and executive is a testament to strength, dedication, and the power of a strong support system.  

Ms. Cheryl Tiglao

Cheryl’s unwavering dedication to both her career and motherhood is a shining example for women everywhere. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and the remarkable strength of mothers.

Ms. Liway Alba

Motherhood is a journey that’s full of challenges and joys. For Ms. Liway Alba, it was a journey that took a bit longer to start due to a high-risk pregnancy at the age of 36. Despite the obstacles, Liway explored unconventional ways, several attempts at becoming a mother and was blessed with two lovely daughters, now ages 11 and 9. 

Babai: Agnes Devanadera

Agnes Vicenta Salayo Torres-Devanadera, a respected lawyer, public servant, and leader, has over 30 years of experience in various government agencies. She made history as the WOMAN of many FIRSTS.

Babai: Atching Lillian Borromeo

Atching Lillian’s story is a shining example of the importance of preserving cultural heritage while also embracing innovation and ensuring it remains relevant and accessible to younger generations. Let her legacy inspire us to celebrate and preserve the unique cultural treasures that make our world a richer and more diverse place.

Babai: Rhea Tan

May Rhea Tan’s story remind us that anything is achievable through hard work, faith, and perseverance. May exemplary women like her continue to inspire us to pursue our dreams with confidence and live boldly.